first time I buy my mp3 player and I used it in with the windows xp operating system .. it have well function and I tranfer all files I needed and music in it... then i safely remove it from my pc..

the problem is when i second used it and insert the cord into usb port it has a message "One of the usb device is not recognize by the computer" I install the usb driver but still the message appear...why is this so? can anyone help me to solve my problem.. because my important file is in my usb..

pls help.

I'd try another pc first and if it works over there you know you got a problem with your pc. After that you should uninstall the driver completely, restart, and then completely reinstall it. Also make sure you "properly" remove your USB hardware by clicking the icon that appears in the taskbar, that is very important. I almost lost 50 gigs of external hd space messing around and not properly removing my hardware. It was just Gods grace that allowed me to get the drive back up and running.

but i try it to another computer and same problem occur... I delete all the content of my usb coz i thought that there is a virus in it but still its not workig..

pls help.. do i need to look for a technician?

You said that all of the files were renamed to "00000000.000". If this is the same USB stick we're talking about, it is obvious that you need driver for it. You tried to delete files from it, but the machine you used couldn't handle that stick, so the errors occurred.

My suggestion is to try the USB stick manufacturer's site for drivers download, or use Microsoft update service. For the later, you need to plug in the stick and update driver via device manager. It would be one with little yellow exclamation mark or one marked as "unknown device" and big yellow question mark.

Another way to sort it out is by BIOS update, but leave that as the last resort.

After you got the driver up and running, then (and ONLY then) you can try to recover the files.