My Emachines t2482 has problems (PSU, motherboard, + who knows what else) and I want to slave the 80gb hard drive (which runs WindowsXP) on my son's older Micron Millennia (which run's Windows98se) to get my data off the 80gb. Can someone please give me some direction on what to do. I'm pretty sure the hard drive is fine. I know how to take it out/ install as slave. Just want to know:

  1. What's next? I realize it would need to be detected and installed.
  2. Does that mean I need drivers?
  3. Where do I get them? (my WinXP cd is Emachines specific)
  4. Does it just show up as a drive that I can browse, copy and paste in?
  5. Do I have to format first?
  6. If I format won't that erase all the data that I want to retreive?
  7. Will it be compatable due to the Windows XP/'98 factor?

Thanks in advance for any help! It is greatly appreciated!