My 12' apple power book’s hard drive has crashed and 2 other data recovery companies have been unable to recovery my data which includes business apps and about 3000 digital pics of my 13 month old son... ech...that will teach me to verify backup data..

Anyone have an opinion if I should keep searching for that holy grail of data recovery..?
Could you plz help me?

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Recently - (during the past 2 months) I am aware of two cases that were each at two different well-known and reputable data recovery companies and we were able to get the data back. But both jobs took several weeks to complete and the charges were $18,000 and $19,500 (very high for single drive recoveries.). Finally, we could locate a company called SAlvageData Recovery Lab Inc. who are reasonable and very prompt. I don’t know your experience with the company you’ve been to but I will recommend this company strongly after all the data drive has got the invaluable pics of you son. If you wish you can call them at 1 203-973-0242. I hope you get your crucial data back.

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