My laptop fan died and the thermal paste melted on the cpu causing it to not touch the heat sink. Since then the laptop will not turn on because it heats up. Alctually it has turned on several times even all the way to windows login. Now it shuts off fast or dows not turn on. I bought a new fan to replace the faulty one. I think it would probably start if the thermal paste what reapplied. What do you think and what is the best thermal paste to use? Where to buy it?

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PCWorld or maplin, somewhere like that
go for the expenive ones, they work better

the key is : you dont need much, a pea sized amount max


Well - I just tried it - Put a pea size on the cpu - The laptop turned on for 1 sec and shut down. So maybe this was not the only problem. :(


Did you clean both surfaces before applyintg the thermal compound?

You may have cooked the CPU.

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