I am a student who wants to upgrade my laptop with more RAM. I have got a Fujitsu-Siemens S-4572. It has just got one slot and a maximum capacity of 256 mb, so that's what I am going for. Since I am on a budget (I am switching to Linux at the same time) I thought that I should try to get something used, but the problem is; how do I know which kind to buy?

I am really bad at hardware things, I am not an andvanced user. I have searched crucial to to find out which type i need, and the answer I got is: SO-DIMM PC133 256MB CL2 144pin Non-parity, 3.3V, 32Meg x 64, 7.5ns. Basically, I pretty much know nothing of what this means. If I try to find used RAM I never get so much information. Will SO-DIMM PC133 fit my machine? Or does it also has to be CL2 144pin Non-parity 3.3V? Please help..

ole, norway

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Thanks for the quick reply!

But just to be sure: is what you are saying that as long as it is SO-DIMM PC133 144pin it will work with my machine? Guaranted? Or did I get it completely wrong now?


Some machines that old are picky about what RAM they like, if Crucial suggests that RAM you can count on it being compatible.

Aside from the speed (PC133) you should try to match some of the other specs suggested, CL2, Non-parity, 3.3V, 32Meg x 64 which were already mentioned. I suspect that the RAM also is non-EEC and non-buffered.

If you can get the make and model of the RAM from the seller you can google that information and find out the specs.


Here is what you need.

256MB, 144-pin SODIMM, SDRAM, PC133 memory module

  • Module Size: 256MB
  • Package: 144-pin SODIMM
  • Feature: SDRAM, PC133
  • Specs: SDRAM, PC133 • CL=2 • Non-parity • 133MHz • 3.3V • 32Meg x 64

Each memory slot can hold SDRAM, PC133 with a maximum of 256MB per slot.

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