my mouse did this to. It's a Logitech trackball mouse (USB) and started this problem a week ago. I had to get a new mouse but I liked my old one better if anyone solves this problem tell me Please


I'm not very good in English, ..but I'll try to explain how I've fixed the same problem 1 min ago.
Can you see the chinks around the push buttons?
Take something thin (I used file for nails), put it into chink and move it here and there to clean below.
Then overturn the mouse and knock with it at your palm.
You'll be surprised how much trash in it!)
Do this until the trash stop falling.

It really works!
I had a stupid day with this double-double clicking mouse.
Now everything okay)

P.S. Don't forget to turn off the mouse before you start cleaning it.) (take the cable off)

Olga /
*Tell me if it helped you, I'll be happy to know : )

It's the mouse. Every mouse I have owned has died this way.

It's not just double-clicks; it can be MANY clicks. A single-click on my IE icon can produce as many as 5 instances of Internet Explorer.

It's not just mice, either. A portable radio I own has the same problem with its 'pre-set' buttons. In fact, any momentary contact switch is potentially vulnerable.

The Fix: Clean the switch contacts if you can get to them.

The Cause: There is probably a smoker lurking in the area.


A quick way to determine if it IS your switch contacts is to swap the left- and right-click fuctions via your mouse software.


commented: Good idea! +1

Houdini, great idea!

It sounds like this might be the right thread.
Here it is: If I post something to Facebook or Myspace, or put an event on my calendar, it shows up twice. Very frustrating. I have to go back and check to see if I need to delete an entry.

I gather from the above thread that it is likely my mouse, either settings or a mouse going bad.It is a MICROSOFT BASIC OPTICAL MOUSE ver 2.1.

Does anyone have any other advice about this issue? Thanks to all for reading this, and for any advice.

Try just highlighting the box you would normally click, and then use your <enter> key to see if the problem still persists.

yeah, the L / R switching is annoying as yu go do double click a desktop icon and properties comes up :( - can be fixeed in some cases if i hold down both bttons at once for a few secs

In relation to the original post, check the accesability options to make sure you havent accidently enabled auto doubleclick or something

No , I checked that and the settings were the default settings, i.e. auto doubleclick is not enabled.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or rhythm to it. That is as puzzling to me as the double posting itself.

I appreciate your tip though. It could have been that.

Try just highlighting the box you would normally click, and then use your <enter> key to see if the problem still persists.

Thanks. I will try it that way and see how it works.

That would narrow it down to the mouse itself I think. If it stops happening I will assume it is something in the mouse itself and get a new one.

There should be screws to take the bottom off (Mine has 4 screws on the bottom)

No screws on this mouse. It is Basic Optical Mouse V2.1 Model 1094 by Microsoft.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium, and it automatically updates the drivers.
I am stumped.

My logitech wireless mouse is crapping double clicks when i single click. Time for a replacement. Other mice work fine on same computer.

Hi guys, I know that this topic is old, but as I was experiencing the same problem (with the same Hardware (Dell Optical USB Mouse). I think I have discovered the problem.

I decided (as I always do when things are out of warranty) to open the mouse (which I've done many times with other mice), and see what's going on, as I was pretty sure it was due to a physical problem, perhaps dirt or something got under the button (where the click is). Several attempts of bending slightly (as to not break it) the left mouse button to be closer/further away from the clicker (on the mouse's circuit board), I think finally the problem has gone away.

Basically, the problem is (I believe) due to the fact that mouses are made of plastic and there are certain games (zuma, big money, jewel quest, chuzzle deluxe and other such games where the user ends up clicking a LOT!) that overuse the mouse, and well, the left mouse button's plastic gets worn down a bit (or rather, bent out of shape).

Solution: Open the mouse (unscrew the screw(s) underneath it and take the buttons out and push the left around to make them the same height. Put the mouse back together again.

This must be the only solution, as my mouse was working fine without the buttons etc, just pressing the clicker on the circuit board, and not with the plastic buttons.

Well, I hope this helps anyone who searched for this topic and ended up here like I did!

Just thought I'd register and post on this issue. I found this thread because I have a Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse that has recently begun doing the same thing. I read this guy's post and it worked for me!

The DeathAdder's buttons are not traditional buttons and are part of the plastic molding of the case and over time the plastic slowly forms on its own into a lower position than normal. This caused the button to seemingly be pressed several times.

Instead of taking the mouse apart, however, I found that the DeathAdder button can be popped up by just pulling on it. With a little bit of tension (not too much, to avoid permanently creasing the plastic) I was able to bend the plastic back to its original position.

No more double clicking! I tested it for about 30 minutes with no double click.

I have been having the same problem and for some reason it happens to both my logitech cordless mouse and keyboard. I have found that my computer thinks there are 2 of each of these devices so each stroke or click is recognized as one from both (though there only one). I fixed it by going to Device Manager (i have windows) and i can uninstall one of mice and one of the keyboards. This fixes it...except that whenever the computer restarts...i get problem again and have to go through the sme process.

holding both buttons down a few seconds seems to have done it!

bending the left mouse button up a tiny tiny bit fixed it for me :)

Few insights into the problem.
(1) DSP based mouse use chip to control freeze delay between individual click, if mouse is new this could be a manufacturing defect.
(2) As mouse ages, return spring of click button loses stiffness and bounces under clicks and thus produces several clicks for one.
Tough Fix:
Open mouse replaced click sensors on PCB by desoldering, switching places of sensors and resoldering.
*****Easy Fix*****
(1) Go to control Panel> Mouse >Double Click Speed and drag the slider to the middle between Slow and Fast.
(2) Download Utility MouseFix version 1.0
(3) If rebinds keys and fixes double clicking, you can also use Left Shift as mouse click using this utility, Right Shift remains the same.

hi dick cheese, will you suck the green stuff out from under it?

Glad you were able to get this resolved!

I'm having this exact problem. Have only noticed it in the past month though. I have a standard Dell optical mouse and have already tried switching it out with a brand new mouse. It has not solved the problem. Any new suggestions or observations that may tie it to windows updates?

So I figure I better add to this. I have been having this issue. I have thus far bought 4 mice in sthe last 2 months. Replacing the new mouse resolved the issue for a few weeks and then it starts again. I really dont think its the mouse. One mouse taking a crap ok, a second one maybe but 4 in a row? Not likely. So its the computer killing the mice or what?! Seriously ready to scream here I cant replace mice every couple weeks!

mistyblue ,best to start you own thread and state your problem with some info like the make and model of the computer ,what windows its running and what type of mouse ,usb or ps2 ect ect
thank you

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