Last night we had a Hard Disk crash and as some of you know this is a very stressful thing and keeps you awake for two days or so. It is 20 hours later and most accounts are restored. We need a lot of server tweaking the next couple of days but ok that is something we can live with. All accounts are on the same IP now and that needs some them sheerlocking.

Anyways, we now have a bad HD but with some couple of gigs from a customer which backup failed and now he wants to try if a firm specialized in salvaging data from bad HD's can rescue the 'lost' data.

Anyways, is there any data recovery services or can you people arrange something for us? And do some of you have experience with this kind of services?

Thank you.

Being a System Administrator, I understand the importance of the lost data. We have a backup server to have online backup. But, I also keep a track of data recovery companies. Have u guys ever heard about Salvage Data Recovery Lab. Its in 76 Progress Drive Corporate Park; Stamford, CT 06902? You can have a little search on Internet. I think they have good technology and experts. I heard of them from quite a few friends of mine. I’ve only this much knowledge. May be this will help you.

if the hard drive can be read, I usually use R-Studio for the recovery. if the problem is on the hardware level, then you really need a lab. can't advise on which, except for the HD manufacturer's at the plant