I have a very annoying problem with my power led on the mobo.
First of all I just wanna make sure something about the power led. When I have my pc on the power led should light green and when I shut down my pc it shouldn't light anything. So the power led indicates that there is power on mobo, right?

The problem is now that when I shut down my pc the power led is green, indicating that there is power on the mobo and it does a low annoying sound, not a beep or anything like that, just a low "ccccc" sound =)

I tried to reset the bios, move the jumper and so, but it didnt help.
Have tried to find something about this kind of stuff with no luck.
Please help me, I am going mad with this annoying sound.


Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI SE
Proc: Amd Athlon64 3500+
OS: Windows XP

Thank you!

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Make sure part of the wire of contact isn't exposed on the LED connector, the power button's contact always has current going to it as long as the power connector is attached on the mobo. You can short your boards if the LED is indeed in contact with the power button, I'd check it asap or at least leave it unplugged til I figured that part out. I'd try unplugging the mobo power connector after that and reconnecting. Otherwise call ASUS and get support from them.


This sounds like a fault in the motherboard or the power supply. First i would suggest swapping out the power supply unit for another one and see if the same thing still happens. failing that if the board is still making a noise Ring ASUS and speak to them as there could be a short in the board or a problem with the power distribution in the board.

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