arggh can someone please help me im at my wits end. i bought my pc just over a month ago and it has been working fine up until yesterday when i bought a scanner home so tried to work out where to plug it in when my keyboard didnt work, so i decided to leave the scanner out too see if my pc would work, everytime i switch it on iut comes up with an error saying 'keyboard error or no keyboard present' i know there is nothing wrong with my keyboard as i plugged it into a different tower and it works, and i also tried a different keyboard in the faulty tower which didnt work, still came up with the same error on the BIOS screen. i dont know what to do. as the keyboard is a ps2 connection someone said i should buy a USB connector cable for my keyboard so the keyboard is being connected via a different port. its strange coz other parts of the tower are working,ie: the mains socket ect.
what should i do?

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Buy a usb keyboard. Its a stronger connection and easy becasue its plug and play meaning no setup. You just plug it in and it works. The problem could be caused by a driver conflict or something simple like that. Try uninstalling any software that you installed with the scanner and see if the keyboard works again.

hi, thankyou for your suggestion. i have ordered a usb connector cord to go on my ps2 keyboard so it is plugged in to the usb instead, im hoping this will work. how do i uninstall software then? as when i switch the pc on it wont go past the BIOS screen which says the keyboard error. kind regards, vicki

Hmm thats strange it wont let you load. Usually when the keyboard is not recognized it just tells you and then ignores it and loads up anyway. See if it will let you get into safe mode. Once in safe mode you can uninstall the software mentioned above

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