In my system which is 5 yrs old....i booted the hard disk as master...

AND i got the error

Pri Master HDD error 05/06/2001
Sec slave.....
Press F1 to resume

In my friend's system ....

It starts booting and then a blue screen appears

Stop!!..error @ OxAE.......
if this is the first time ...reboot and etc........

but works fine as a slave


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"Stop!!..error @ OxAE......." (please, fill in the blanks, as these numbers are vital info)

Quick tip:
Try booting from the XP install CD and choose "-r" for the recovery console (in case this is XP or 2k)

In the recovery console type:

chkdsk /r

When it finishes type:


and boot normally.

If that doesn't help, try one of these:

fixboot c:


fixmbr \Device\HardDisk0

Note that:

- these are valid only if the problem HD is primary master (for the fixmbr command (HardDisk0)) and/or with drive letter C (fixboot command). If we're talking about secondary master, then you would need to change the drive letter in the fixboot command and/or number in the "HardDisk0" parameter.

- both are last resource commands, for they can screw up the partitions. Use them at your own peril.

If none of these help, you will need to reinstall the windows. (try without formatting the disk to avoid loosing stuff that piled up in 5 years time)

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