For my sins i have a vaio S1, It worked great for the first year and a bit I had it, but now, it has become unreliable! Sometimes it just will not power up!

The leds at the bottom of the keyboard tells me that the power is on and the battery is working but the hard drive does not work and the laptop just does not start up.:rolleyes:

Other times, however it is fine!:cheesy:

Any suggestions???????????????????????:?: I cannot see anything physically wrong with the machine and I have tried to restore the system and then reinstall all the relevant updates! PLEASE HELP!:!:

Sounds like the HDD is failing may be needing a new one.

I have same problem, on boot up lcd is black, cpu fan is on, power led is on. If notebook is leave on in that condition after 10 to 20 minutes repeatedly switch on and of notebook start up and operate fine, it can start on and off for as long as two weak and it will fail again.
I belive is ram memory and as soon as I prove it will let you know

This problem is driving me nuts. I've reinstalled (actually repair recovery) using the WinXP Pro . At first it wouldn't boot except intermittently. All three LED lights go on, but it now only will boot up when I hold down Ctl-Alt-Esc. What in blazes does this mean?

Thanking everyone in advance,