I read some of the topics already posted but just needed a 100% confirmations from members if this is ok.

At the moment have've got 512mb (2 x 256mb) and what to upgrade to 1gb. I've got an ASUS K8V-MX MB and from checking on crucial website it says it does not dual channel.

So my question is can I just purchase one 1gb of ram or is it still best to get two 512mb ram for the MB two memoery slots? From some of the post I read it seems ok just to get 1gb, will getting 2 x 512mb have better efficiency?

Thanks in advance!!:mrgreen:

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Woah! Just read this again and sorry for the bad spelling and grammar.

Any help would be much appreciated!!


If Crucial says that it will support 1GB of RAM go with the single module it will be faster that the two 512mb if you're not running dual channel.

Btw, I personally prefer Crucial.


Thanks for the reply dcc!

If I get the 1gb memory is it ok to use the 256mb on the empty slot or would that hinder performance?


Crucial says that you can have up to 1GB of RAM in each of the two slots, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Crucial shows that you can use PC2700, PC3200, and PC4000. You will need to know what speed the module you have is and match that. If you have a PC2700 and install a PC3200 or PC4000 it will only run as fast as the slowest module. The modules will work together, you just won't get the benefit of the faster RAM.


Cheers dcc, I think both my current modules are PC3200, need to double check. Thanks again dcc you've been a great sport!

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