Lately i've been having this problem. My monitors just goes blank for like 1 second then comes back on again. No programs are lost, just that the start button appears blurred, and all my programs have the title missing.. as in where there's supposed to be the title right at the top, it's just blank. N i noticed that when using microsoft word, certain font cannot be displayed properly. My screen blanks at approximately every minute. It gets quite irritating, and i'm wondering if this is a sign of my computer about to crash?
This prob happened when i was trying to watch some vcd, and i downloaded a new codec in order to watch it. I have since removed that codec which i downloaded bt the prob still remain. How do i check if it's a graphic cards or video card prob?

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my computer does the same. It gets even worse after a while, beacuse my monitor sometimes goes to sleep mode after I open a new window and it does not come back. It is not the monitor, beacuse I tried it on an other computer, so it must be some hardware problem. Sometimes everything gets mixed up and blurry and so on... Did you find any solution? I even tried to uninstall/install windows XP but it did not help! If you have any idea please reply, because I am helpless.


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