... is the noise my computer (graphics card?) seems to be making at regular intervals ;o

It's probably worth noting before I begin that my old motherboard used to make similar noises and found out that it was a problem with the 'toroids' or something, in that if I pushed one of them with a pencil the noise would stop. Anyway, I got a new motherboard, and a new graphics card at the same time, but it's still making a similar noise: bzzzZzzZzztTtt!

The recording above is from me just doing normal things in Windows such as minimising windows, or dragging an MSN window around the screen. Oddly, it doesn't seem to do it specifically whether it's under load or not, plenty of games (in fact, the majority of games) don't cause the noise at all, only a small handful of games and many desktop tasks seem to cause it.

I'm using an Antec Sonata case with the default TruPower PSU, the motherboard is an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, and the graphics card is an Asus V9999 6800.

One thing that does strike me as being out of place is the voltage reading from within SmartDoctor (which irritatingly resets the fan speed every time I turn on the PC, could it be related?), anyway, here's a screen shot:


Any advice or suggestions on what could be causing it and ways to fix it would be ace, thanks!

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What you are describing sounds like a poor connection. Are there any burn marks on the copper tabs of the boards that you have used?

It might also be worth looking a the different rail voltages with a DMM.


I will check the connection thanks, there shouldn't be any burn marks I wouldn't of thought though, since the motherboard and graphics were new and fitted at the same time, and I've had this problem from the start.

Bit of an update, just set it to monitor the voltage settings and alert me to any problems, there's definitely something wrong which I assume is the causing the bzzzttt noises?



It's also probably worth noting that I can leave the computer on over night not doing anything and it won't make the noise at all, or I can play a game of say, Half-Life 2 for ages and it not make the noise at all, but as soon as I'm on the desktop and minimising or moving windows around the screen (as well as a few other select things, sometimes games or other programs are effected) it'll start making those noises.

So I guess the noise isn't consistent like the sound clips make out, that's just with me persistently moving and minimising Windows, but it is consistent in that anything that causes the sound will almost always cause it.

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