can anyone help me out with disk cloning? i've never really used it before and i'm getting a bit lost.

i have a system with an ata133 HDD. i have just installed a new scsi system. so what i want to do is copy everything from my c:\ drive (ata133) and dump it on my g:\ drive (scsi). this g:\ drive will then be renamed as c:\ and become the system drive.

the problem i have is that every bit of software i have found eather wants to make a backup image, which i dont have the space for, or will not copy the boot files.

what i want is a program that will copy c:\ to g:\ directly and compleatly, so that g:\ will then become the bootable system dirve.

any suggestions or software titles?

many thanks


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What you describe won't work anyway, so don't bother. If you have Windows 98, the system will not boot from the SCSI drive. If you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP, the boot files will need to remain on the current C:\ drive for the system to boot successfully.

I'm assuming, of course, that you've added a SCSI drive to the system. You're a bit unclear on that, so please explain if that's not the case. If it's running from an add-in card, it's unlikely that your motherboard BIOS will allow it to be the boot device.

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