My laptop seemed to be working fine last night. I was using it as it was plugged in the wall. I left it for some time, then when I came back it had powered off (what I assumed was putting itself in standby). When I hit the power button, there was nothing. No light on the laptop indicating a power source. The thing is completely dead. Will not power up unplugged either.

Note: The green light on my Dell power cord lights up when the cord is plugged into the wall; however, when I then plug the other end into the laptop, the green light on the cord goes out.

I am hoping there is something wrong with the power cord. I am probably not that lucky. Could the laptop have overheated and fried something on the motherboard? What do I need to check out hardware-wise? (And how do I check it?)

Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.


Take the battery physically out of the laptop and unplug everyting for a couple of hours then see if it stil lrefuses to powerup. if it has simply overheated this should reset it

Yeah--did that. I'm wondering if it might be a problem with the cord itself, but I would think there would have been enough juice in the battery to at least get a blip from the BIOS. (Or would a faulty power cord result in battery drain?) I would think if it were a hardware failure there would at least be something when you push the power button...

I'll track down a different power cord in the next couple days and see if that does anything for me.

yeah try a dfifferent cord. if not then youve probably blown the psu and/or melted the cpu