Hey guys. just got the BenQ Lightscribe DW1625 DVD writer and am having some problems with the installation! I poped it in a spare slot...and put in the power connection, and the CD-Rom cable dircetly from my old CD writer. I also have a DVD-Rom inside which i did not do anything to. For some reason, the PC doesnt recognise the DVD-ROM or the new DVD burner! i have this thingo when i open up my computer!


Notice no E: (my DVD-ROM)! What the heck is wrong? It works when i de-power the DVD-ROM!!!

my new DVD-RW is set on master, and my DVD-Rom is set to slave (as the CD-Rom used to be master)! its strange... :S

Also, currently i have just the DVD-RW powered up, and it burns DVD's, but wont burn CD's (even though it says it can, and i know it should)!!!

Thanks in advance!

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yeah...i have played with the jumpers, and tried every combo (sorry for not mentioning in the topic)...this is why im really confused!


hey, right click the drive, go to the RECORDING tab, and click "Enable CD recording on this drive"... or something to that effect, my PD NEC DVD RW did the same thing and i couldnt explain it, so i went back to basics, and what'ya know, it worked, hope this helps for you and hope you enjoy your lightscribe


thanks mate, i went to the recording tab and it was already ticked! i changes around the cable and it recognises it, but it still wont burn CD's!!!


For the problem about both Optical drives not working, i guess its a jumper conflict. If not, try replacing the data cable. Also, you might try using both your new and old drives on another computer to eliminate the problem....

As for your second problem, is the CD you're trying to write on of a good quality? Some recorders don't recognize a bad quality disk.

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