I have a desktop PC and a netbook which are usually set up on the same desk. I use my netbook with its display extended onto an external monitor, and that monitor also serves as the PC's monitor.

I just thought it would be pretty neat to have it working both ways :-)

Thanks for the info, however, it's too technical for me.

Do you have to have a netbook or will a laptop work?

yes as a matter of fact It can be done and I am presently doing it now. There are some small problems to handle. Basically what you need is a PCMICA card with a video imput This may be hard to find If you have any problems P.M me and I will send you to a web site so you can view the card The card when inserted reconizes the dual imput and kind of shuts off the video imput from the laptop and allows an external source imput to come through.
Hope this helps.

hi i am rajesh i am having a cpu n a laptop n now i want to use my laptop as a moniter in order to save cost can u pls help me

My dell latitude d505 laptops backlight went out. I have a monitor that i hooked to the back of it , but it shows that it has its back light out too. So i dont know what else to do. I thought that it wouldnt matter if the laptop back light was out , if i hooked a monitor up to it plug n play that i would be able to play on it.
If you have an answer for this email me at skatergurl1979@hotmail.com

Hello, there is an ebay seller that sells kits to do just this. They convert a VGA/DVI Signal to the 30pin input of the lcd panel. They preprogram the chip to work with your specific lcd model number. They are very inexpensive around $25 dollars. You will need to supply your own inverter.


hi somebody tell me the Easycap connector allows u to use ur xbox on ur LAPTOP SCREEN SO WHY NOT THE DESKTOP ? CPU .....WELL THING IS U NEED PAL INTERFACE coming from ur desktop u can get that by ebay dvi to pal converter easypeasy ...i havent tried this out ...hope my idea works lol

The MaxiVista software can supposedly do this, although it *might* require a network connection (i.e., lan cable) between the desktop and the laptop and thus *may* not be as automatic to set up as, say, a PCMCIA card with video input (I am not using it so I cannot speak for or against).

You can also find some alternatives to MaxiVista at:

There is another way around, install VNC viewer in the laptop and a VNC server on the desktop. Attach both computers to the LAN, just remember the desktop's ip address. Then you can access it using your laptop's monitor, keyboard and mouse. All you need to plug in the desktop is the power cord and network cable.

Anyone manage to do this recently? I have a crappy old vdu for my desktop and currently don't have the money ("have more important things to buy") to buy a new monitor

you can share your laptop monitor into your desktop monitor by using desktop remote server....


Connect Pc and Laptop with RJ45 jack. Then Use Remote Desktop like local lan Pc

thats sounds really cool could you post the link to that card i would like to look into this alittle more. thanks :)

Guys, this thread is 6 years old. anybody has any newer simpler ideas for the same. My monitor concked. I need to use some other display type to just start and connect to internet and some other basic stuff. Just to keep my printer in the lan working.

@ddstar.. You cannot do this as laptops provides the port for out connection, but as you mentioned, seems you are asking for monitor in connection. Which won't be possible.

how can use my laptop scrren to desktop screen.....anyone can suggest, if is it possible means please tell indetail.....

Arman Sayyed

Yes you can connect your laptop with an external desktop monitor. For connecting you just need to use vga port or hdmi port of the laptop and also you need a hdmi cable or vga cable. For connecting with full hd monitor you just need to connect the monitor with the laptop by a hdmi port. And if you want to connect with normal monitor then simply you need to connect the monitor with your laptop by a vga cable. But hdmi connection is better option.

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