I have gateway laptop nv54 turned computer on this morning screen black. i removed battery and held power button for 30 secs plugged back in still no screen. i took out ram and put it back in. didnt work. HELP!

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Plug to power outlet and take out the battery, then hold and start the power button for 10-20 sec... once done put back the battery again.. hope this will helps...

Hi Flip thanks for response. tried that just now didnt work. hmm What could it be? worked fine before. could something of overheated? Fan comes starts. blue light on left corner. red light top left comes on for a sec

... if it doesn't work well try this one when you turn on the unit press the capslock key and see if it illuminates light.. if it does then the problem is somewhere on you LCD.. another one try to connect an external monitor and see if the video is working..if it does then it might be on the inverter of your LCD, cable or the LCD itself...

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