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Device drivers that aren't in the OS package either come from the addon card's manuf. (VIA?) or ASUS. It's possible but unlikely that you'll be successful w/MS.
If you aren't successful at one of those places then you are up a creek.


I am on the same boat. Have a K8V SE Deluxe and Vista Corporate SP1 64 bit. But sadly I can not install it. Have tried the win 2003 64 drivers with not success.

Let me know if you find the drivers.


I already contact ASUS and basically all they have to say is that the Motherboard is to OLD, it is my fault for not making sure it was compatible and they will not do anything about it, not even a trade in for a new one.
Needless to say that was the last ASUS motherboard I ever buy. If anyone cares to buy it will sell it for cheap or trade for some parts.

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