For some reason my CPU usage keeps jumping up to 100% and slowing down my whole system. Two days ago everything was running perfectly smotthly and i cant figure out what has changed. the only thing that has changed in the past couple days is i downloaded a few more mp3. I first noticed it when playing world of warcraft but now it happens all the time. frequently notepad.exe is useeing 99% of my cpu.
I have run a virus scan and I have uninstalled all of my unneeded softwear and i defraged the harddrive..
I am not overly computer savvy so if you I'm probably leaving out some imformation that would probly be the the key to this riddle but if someone could throw their expertise into the ring it would be greatly appreteated.

PS. i think i posted this in the wrong forum and I am now noticing that there are many other threads like this one... guese i should have checked that out before posting.

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Thanks, that does seem like it could easily be the problem but when i followed the steps to fix it the registry key that contains the data value of startIE=XXXX\Notepad.exe. was not there. tthere is one that says (value not set) could that be it?

I searched everywhere about the QAZtrojan and none of the registration keys that they say to delete exist on my system


Just for kicks and grins download Asquared and run it. It's free and is good at finding worms, trojans, and other goodies.

I'm guessing that you have already looked in the task manager to see what is running. Is there anything other than the notepad.exe?

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