I hope someone can help me because I this is driving me crazy, I have an HP Slimline s7220n running vista home premium, i bought it and installed it when it came out in early February and hap no problems at all and about a week ago out of no where i put a cd to copy in my hp 740 dvd rw drive and nothing happened on the screen, no autorun so i went into my computer and the cd drive did not appear at all, I went into the device manager and the error said that the device cannot start. Any suggestions? Do I need a new one? It's only a year old I bought it in December of 2005. Well I really hope someone knows what to do, please help!!!:sad:

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Did the DVD work at all after installing the Vista?

I know misery is suppose to love misery, but I suspect telling you that there are a lot of people experiencing the same problem. The only solution that I found was related to the beta 2, for what it's worth you can read about it here.


yeah i triec it in another machine running xp and it worked perfectly once i put it back in my vista machine i got a different error message in the device manager it code 39, it says there is a problem the the device driver I tried a new one but it didn't work


If you uninstall the drive and cycle the computer on and off and reinstall the drive the install wizard should recognize it as new hardware and try to find the proper drivers for it.

Is this a HP740i?

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