Ok, about 2 weeks ago my computer started randomly "blank screening" me. All would be well, then for about 5-10 seconds, a black screen, then back to normal... Now I can't get it to boot up at all. I tried to boot up in safe mode, and came up with this...


it goes on with all of the same, exept for after windows it says

too many to name. Fills the whole screen...
Thoughts? Suggestions?

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If I understand correctly, screen would go blank on you, and then go back to normal without any error messages, freezes and such.

Sounds like a resolution/refresh rate changes. Those could be triggered by video driver (refresh rate overrides) and would appear when applications (read "games") starts/ends.
Problem could occur if your monitor is classified as "Plug & play monitor" (instead of the Manufacturer/model/make monitor). That way your VGA could be sending video feedback at refresh rate or resolution that your monitor doesn't support. That would make windows go blank-screen on you when booted. (after the XP log-on screen)

Regarding the list of drivers you see when trying to get to safe mode, one that matters is the last one you see. Please post that one.

There is one thing that could make your machine unbootable. That is ACPI/APIC setting in your BIOS. If changed, it makes windows unbootable. You will have to change it back.

Worst case scenario would be a dying VGA, but those usually don't die gradually, so I'm suspecting a driver/windows settings problem here.

The last driver in the list is Mup...
But there is some progress. I get the windows logo to come up now, and the progress bar at the bottom... Then black. I can still hear the computer working ...but nothing.

As far as the ACPI/APIC... I have no idea what that is, and if I changed it, I wasn't aware... What setting should they be at? As a matter of fact, I could only find ACPI in the BIOS.

Now, if my monitor was somehow reclassified... How would I know? How do I check?


Regarding the monitor, there is no way until you get the video feedback.
Once you do, it will be in ... check the attachment
That is my configuration.
Nokia 447 (that's monitor) on Nvidia 7800GT (that's VGA)

Regarding ACPI...
Some machines call it ACPI, some ACPI/APIC, some call it Advanced power controll... Any way it doesn't matter if it is enabled or disabled or S1 or S1 & S2 (if I remember correctly), only thing that matters is that it is as same as it was when windows got installed.
Changing that would prevent you from getting into safe mode (or any mode). Must change it back to what it was before the problem occurred.

You can try unplugging the vga, turning it on the PC. Off course, it wont work without the VGA, but it is needed to reset part of the BIOS records that would (hopefully) make windows reject current video driver and ask you to reinstall the driver. (after you plug it in again)

so, if I am understanding you right, unplug the vga cable, then turn on the computer. Plug vga cable back in and hope that resets the BIOS?

Yes. Windows should think that you have new VGA and will try to install the VGA driver. That would be your chance to intervene.

how long do i leave it unplugged before i plug it back in

Ok, that didn't work. Is there a reset in the BIOS?

Ok, so now I am thoroughly confused. I got the systemn to completely do a restore. I had a backup CD made earlier this year, so none of my pictures were lost. BUT... the screen suddenly shuddered and went all wonky... colors distorted, resolution wrong, font HUGE. Then shut off. Now, after turning it on and about 5 minutes of everything running fine, the screen goes black again.
Wouldn't that be a graphics card or video card issue?

Graphic card = video card = VGA

Sounds like overclocked VGA, but if not, than probably is dying.

Overclocked is overheated, right?
I............argh. Ok, so I will need to get a new/extra/stronger fan...is that something that I can install myself? I am comfortable inside a computer, as long as it is something that can be done without an IT degree.

Overclocked means that the GPU (graphic processing unit, or simply, the chip on the VGA) is being forced to work faster (via settings) than it is recommended by the manufacturer. If it is too fast then the glitches like you describe (accompanied by stalls and freezes) occur.

:cheesy: Hopefully I have changed things around and that will solve the problem. I don't know how/when/if things were changed, but I have messed with the settings... Hopefully that will be the end of the problem. As I was changing settings, I looked and it said that everything was working properly... Thanks for all the help.:mrgreen:

There might be a default settings button in yoyr graphics settings. That will ensure you are not running higher than reccommended settings.

So, it is Still happening. I changed my hardware accelleration to none, hoping that will stop the problems. But will that in turn cause others?

That will kill the gaming performance. If it wasn't necessary before, it shouldn't be necessary now.

btw, can you do a screen capture (of the distortion and discoloration) and post it here? It might give me a clue or two.