Alright now. I have a P4 3.0ghz processor with a Asus p4p800 Deluxe mobo, 1gb of ocz ram, a GeforceFX 5950 ultra, audigy 2 zs platium pro, wireless netgear g adaptor, floppy drive, cd-rw drive and a dvd drive. I havent changed anything recently but my computer will turn on but the monitor stays blank in sleep mode. I checked the video card but the fan does not spin up. I have tried replacing it with a older but more reliable card (which works on othe PCs) but its fan does not spin up either. any help will be apreciated. Oh and there is no POST beeps

Another problem for which it is relevent to point you at the pinned topic at top of page.

Troubleshooting a 'bare bones' configuration of your PC is the obvious procedure for isolating where the problem lies.

yes i have tried that but the fan still will not spin up and it still has no video

If you've 'tried all that' and with only processor, display card and one RAM module fitted the system still does not power up you need to take it to a technician most likely.

Either you have a faulty component or you have the cables between case and montherboard incorrectly attached. A 'barebones system' will display an image on screen unless one of the main core components is non-functional.

Fixed it! The wattage on the power supply was low. It needed to be replaced. The power supply seemed to have been burned out from a number of sugers my area has be getting.

Those GeForce cards sure take a lot of power.

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