Hello Community well this is my first post xD

I got a problem with my logitech microphone

I plug it in into the pink jack in my backpanel and it doesnt work, just like nothing is plugged.

Im pretty sure that the problem is not the microphone, because it works in my laptop.

Im using a windows vista business with a intel 965 series motherboard

someone please help me, got an urgent use


u could go to contol panel , sounds,speech and audio devices.click ajust the system volume , click on advance. Bascally i'm saying that your microphone is muted.

I've got windows xp , don't mind if this doesn't work on vista

-This may be the problem.
Click audio controls on the taskbar, go to advanced under Master Volume. Make sure that center speaker and subwoofer isn't connected to microphone. Just uncheck both, unless that option is required.. worked for me.

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