I have had my PCI-E powercolor x1600 xt bravo edition for maybe 6 months+ now.
I was playing on a game and then the screen was going all funny and my system restarted. When it restarted the monitor wouldnt come on, and right now im using some PCI graphics card thats something like inno3d 64mb rofl.
When the card is in the computer the fan is still spinning, i was just wondering if my graphics card has died and i have to buy a new one and if it hasnt died wth do i do ? :S

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It probably overheated and melted. The x1600 needs a lot of cooling. The fan on modern graphics cards is never enough alone, you will always need good case fans and a pci cooler

ok thx jbennet, any suggestions on what graphics card i could buy next ... i got say £100 to £150 to spend. i use it mostly for all the latest games.

well i could really do with an upgrade on a PSU ... mines only 420w atm ... any suggestions on that one ?

thx for all the help btw.

EDIT: How would i know if my computer is capible of taking a more powerful PSU ?

If youve alread got a 450 you probably needednt bother. Most graphics cards only require about 350w

Also, both those cards are DVI only. If you have a VGA monitor it wont fit. I think you can get adapters but there expensive.

As to the ATI vs Nvidia thing, i dont know. It depends on what games you play and what OS you run (if you have linux get Nvidia)

ok nice 1 that save £25 on a new psu. :)

i got an adapter with my x1600 so i could use VGA monitors as DVI so thats no problem.

im only running windows xp and i play a wide range of games. i think i might try a nvidia this time anyway.

btw do u know if either of those 2 cards need that special connector u was talking about earlier? and what is the special adaptor exactly.

Thanks for all the help btw, u have helped me alot :)

It should say if you read the cards specification. I dont know exactly but many cards claim they need a special PCI-X Power Adapter ?

ahh ive just read up about it now ... and its cards which r like 256 gddr + . its a 6 pin connector for pci-e which u either need an adapter which is from a 4 pin molex to a 6 pin graphics connecter or ur psu already has 1.

for the agp cards which r really powerful its 2x 4 pin molex.

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