Hi Just finished building my own computer but every time i turn it on the monitor reads :eek: "NO SIGNAL" :eek: please help me.

P.S ive checked my motherboard battery and its low this may be the problem but i Dont know.
Thanx MIKE_WEBB55 :confused:

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Normally that is because the monitor is not plugged in. Check if it is well connected. If it is well connected, try another monitor. If it does the same thing again, come back here for more info. Be sure to explain everything that happens when you start your PC, like if there are beep patterns that could indicate anything. Does your PC make one beep at startup? Does you PC stay on?

Yep it all works fine fans start all connected fine the normal one short beep start up. Lights on front flash.

P.S Someone said sommin bout a Light on the motherboard but cant see one
Thanx Mike

Hi mike_webb55,
Check for the latest video drivers (for monitor) & re-install. "plug-n-play" is sometimes called PlugNPray because some monitors just won't work with some system configurations.. no matter what you do. :sad:
If that doesn't work..
exchange your monitor for a different brand.
Hoope this helps ;)

I im not 100% shure what your on about but how can i do this if i cant see what im doing on the screen

Have you connected another monitor to your pc? If not you should try that because if another monitor works, you will know that the problem is the monitor.

Ive connected another monitor to the tower and when not tunned on it says no signal but when turned on the notice is removed and only a blank screen is visable. :?: :confused: :?:

If you are sure this monitor works, shows blank at startup and you get one beep, the chances are that your video display circuitry is defective. Your video card is probably a dud. If you can, try another card in your computer.

Im a total noob about computers but here is wot i have experienced with my system. I was playing a game and suddenly every thing went of on my computer and i got no signal on my screen so initialy i unpluged the monitor cable and replugged it back in and still didnt work altho i had power to my fans and there was a beep. In the end it turned out that my PSU had blown but i was still getting little power just to my fans and lights i changed my psu for a bigger wattage to 550 watt and sure enuff every thing came back on maybe u could have overloaded your psu i really dont know but have u heard about something called a D-Bracket it has lights on and displays certain sequences which show a diagnostic of your start up to show u wots functioning properly hope this helps :)

was the screen completley blank or did it say no signal

it went black when it all cut out i turned it back on and it said no signal

no signal.. could be the ram.. switch the ram with one from a WORKING system to test.. if it still does the same thing... switch ur video card with a working one... if this still doesnt fix the problem.. if u have a spare working processor.. put that one in for a try.. if everything fails.. i guess there is something wrong with the motherboard..

hmm.. to configure the PnP option.. check ur BIOS setting to make sure PnP is enabled.

hope this helps~~

I have a very similar problem. I have an old 200 mhz computer that runs Windows 98. I just got a new windows ME computer and was switching some of the things out. I was trying to switch the RAM out of the old one so I could have a little more in my new one. After I did this the monitor stopped working and was flashing the lights that I think mean no signal. I then plugged my other monitor in, but it didn't work either. I put the old Ram back in but neither monitor works. The second monitor i put in was on the ground at the time. It this bad, could I have shorted out my video card. Also the monitor that did work had been left in my car with the window down and got some rain on it, it still worked but it wonder if it is shorting out my video card. Let me know any suggestions that you have and I will greatly appreciate it. I have other monitors and computers that I could try hooking up, but I don't want to break anymore monitors or video cards until I know what I am doing.


..............I was trying to switch the RAM out of the old one so I could have a little more in my new one. After I did this the monitor stopped working and was flashing the lights that I think mean no signal. Jake

do u know the BUS speed of the OLD ram from ur old computer? i mean.. if ur old computer was a P2.. and the ram was 100 mhz .. AND ur new pc was a P3 or a P4.. of course the ram is not gonna work... for p3.. u need 133 mhz ram... a 133 mhz ram can function in p2.. but not the other way around..

if ur new computer is a p4.. then u'd better find out what bus clock ur motherboard supports..

not sure if this helps.. just my two cents...

Is there any other reason why the monitor might not be working? Cause I'm having the same problem, but the computer and the monitor have always worked just fine together for about 6 months, and suddenly when I move it to a different location I get 'No Signal.' Can anyone help me with this??

Hi! I am having a similar problem... My monitor says, "No Signal" However when it turns on it beeps twice and then beeps 6 times. I looked for a 6 beep code and it said it may be the motherboard or something with the keyboard... It was working fine until earlier today and then it just suddenly went out and said no signal... anyone have any idea what i should do?


to the people who have the no signal problem what graphics card do you have.
i have the same problem but i found out it wasnt the monitors fault it was the graphics card.

did ANY of these no signal probs ever get fixed? i'd like to know kuz i have the same kind of problem.

I got same problem, i took it all apart, cleaned it, put it back together and still a blank screen, plz help

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