machine seems slow -
this is the only thing that seems out of sorts...

External cache ?!!? of Processor ? of Memory ?

anything I can do about it ?
I've heard of people alchohol wiping the circuit card and connections to get rid of this... sounds wacky, but ? can't find what kind of cache it talks of in the System Profiler info under Hardware/Diagnostics

thanks for any help.

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How about posting your system's specs?

Have you tried a Disk Utility "Repair Disk Permissions"? What about reformatting the hard disk?

thanks, Joe -
I've run through the usual steps with the usual list of utilities to optimize file structure, un-clog app's caches, etc. --
What I'm really bugged about is the 'External cache' reference in the POST status -it's been there a long time. upgraded memory to new sticks of larger size and the 'External cache' didn't go away- and local outfits who claim to do Mac service spin in circles when I bring it up -
---I'm not crazy about letting them run diags for money. may drive to the nearest 'big city' for better support.

seems it should be in a tech reference somewhere ;
Failure type: External cache.

Anybody have access to a reference resource like that ? Google, etc hasn't helped...
thanks -

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