OK. i admit i messed up. i was deleting useless files when i accidently deleted some system files. I need help. When i start the computer up it say's it's missing some computer files. It says enter setup and when i go to setup i don't know what to do. When i exit setup it asks me to chosse a drive. it gives me the choises of removable drive, system drive, and more but i really need help. I have the microsoft me edition.

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hi, if your ME edition is a bootable cd then put it in your cd drive, set your settings in BIOS setup, the first boot device to the cd drive where you put your ME cd, then upon installation ME will prompt you to install a new OS or just repair the windows system goodluck...

Another suggestion as well. If you have a startup diskette you can boot to your Startup diskette in the Floppy, That way you do not need to change your BIOS Settings.

If you don't have the startup diskette on a floppy you can search on a search engine to download one (not the best recommendation) or go to someone's computer that has 98 or ME. Go to start, control panel, add and remove programs and choose Startup diskette. The go through the options to create one.

Once created, place the floppy in the FDD and restart your system.

type in the following

fdisk /mbr c: (note the space between the k and / also the space between the r and c)
press enter. You must do type this command three times.

Take the Floppy out of the drive and restart.
If that does not solve the problem. Try this:

Boot to the startup diskette.
C: (press enter)
scanreg /restore (note the space between g and /)
If it states no such command or file. you must point to the right directory. So type the following:
c: (press enter)
/windows (press enter)
/command (press enter)
Now type the command scanreg /restore.

Hopefully your system ran a back up for a current date. Choose the date and press enter. This is a system restore feature the installs you files back to how they were on a certain date.

Oh one other suggestion I just remembered. Take out the floppy restart the system. Tap F8 until you reach options. Try last known good configuration.

Hopefully that helps. And don't do that again }:-)

Let Disk Defrag and Disk clean up do it.

RueB 2s De.

I'm so sorry getting a little rusty I just relized I said type /windows

You've got to type cd windows (Note the space between the d and w)
then cd command (make sure you put the space in there.)

Ok whew sorry when you change directories in DOS you have to type CD for change directories.

I guess the R in my user name is standing for Rusty Rue {:-(

Have a good one

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