Hi all

I am in serious trouble. i am not able to access my c: drive(when i open my computer it is shown like (Access Denied (c:) wherever i click on the icon it says c:\ not accessable. Access Denied. For this drive the sharing and security tab in the properties window is missing. so i cant view the permissions also. Please help me to gain access to my i: drive.

As per my knowledge it must be somthing to do with the permissions.

Please find a solution, it would be very nice of you people.

my hdd capicity is 250 gb i have two partition with NTFS and i have OS is Windows Vista so please soluation reply as early as possible

Kind Regards


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Are you a computer administrator?

Do the following to enable advanced file sharing and access to the sharing and security tab: My Computer- tools- folder options- view tab- scroll to the bottom and uncheck "Use simple File Sharing (recommended)"

Now, check to see if the sharing/security tab is available.

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