I just bought a new linksys Wirelss G Broadband Router. I've picked up wireless internet on my pc in the past, but I'm having trouble now. My laptop is a 2218RS Presario. There is a wireless button on the front of it that is supposed to light up when it is on. However it is not lighting up when I push it. So obviously I think this is the problem. Question is what can I do about it?


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After resetting your router, try a different wireless channel if you still have issues. Sometimes certain frequencies (be it weather, sunspots, or general RF traffic) can get noisy and give your WLAN a problem. Try a different channel and see how it works...


Resetting didn't work. I'm not sure how I would change the frequency to pick up a different wireless channel, though I would like to know if you would comment on it.
I bought a new wireless card and installed it on my pc and now the wireless works perfectly. So, I guess the wireless card I had was bad for some reason.
Thanks for the suggestions!


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