Hello everyone

I have a Sony Vaio FS, and just last night i was using it, plugged into the mains, when i noticed the icon in the corner had switched to battery, when it should have said "charging". I thought it was weird and so decided to pull out the plug to see if it was running on battery like it said, but it just turned off.

Then it wouldn't turn back on until i plugged it in, and appeared to not be charging. I took it to another plug socket, left the laptop off but the mains turned on. This morning i found the battery had charged over night but still will not work unless plugged in.

Its not a major problem as i have use of the laptop its just that it will not work without being plugged in.

I've tried removing the battery and cleaning it but nothing seems to work. Perhaps i need a new battery? I've had the laptop since July 2005.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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I reccomend to try an ATX reset, take out the battery and mains the hold the power switch for 20 seconds. this cures most problems with laptops power supplies.

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