Ive recently brought a second SATA HDD for my comp. Installed it with no problems and its working fine the only problem is the size its says it is.

I bought it as a 250GB but when i look at it in "My Computer" it says that it is only 130GB, which is the same size as my primary HDD.

So my questions are, whats going on and how do i go about fixing it?


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Depending on the OS you are using you will need either sp4 for W2k or sp2 for XP to get around the 137GB limit that the BIOS will recognize.


Im running XP pro with the SP2 jobby. So what do i need to do to get around the 137GB BIOS recognistion business?


What is the size of the HDD in Disk Management.

Open, with Start > Run


In the MMC go to Computer Management, find the HDD we're talking about, and check the size. Do you have unallocated space.

If you find unallocated space, you can right-click and select "New Partition", create a new Primary Partition, allocate a drive letter....

It's quite tricky to add this unallocated space, (if you find any) to an existing partition, such as your C:\ Drive, without formatting the entire drive and reinstalling Windows.

Post back your findings, Regards, Dave

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