I am trying to start my PC by pressing the power switch, but it doesn't start-up. As long as I keep the power switch pressed the power and hard-disk LED's at the front of my Cabinet keep blinking, but the machine doesn't power on.

This used to happen earlier too, whenever I tried to start my computer after a while after it was powered down. However, then after I throw the main switch on and left it and tried after 5-10 minutes the PC used to start-up. If I tried to start it immediately, I would encounter the no-start-only-LED-blink problem. After 5-10 mins, it would start up. Now, it isn't powering on at all - the lights just keep blinking as long as the switch is pressed.

I opened my box and saw that the motherboard light was on. I disconnected the peripherals (HDD, DVD drive etc) and tried but to no avail.

My machine is a P4 - 2.4Ghz processor.

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.


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sounds like your PSU is dead

Yes, the PSU is my prime suspect too. However, if it were totally dead, would the motherboard light still be on and would the lights on the front-cabinet be blinking?
My main concern is that I don't want
to replace my PSU only to later realize that it was my motherboard that was faulty.
Any pointers on how I could pin-point the problem area with certainty?


to check whether your power supply is faulty u need to plug it out from your motherboard, (disconnect the ac supply before doing this) then u short the GRAY and GREEN color then u on the AC supply, your power supply should work upon putting the AC supply. (Gray color i'm sure of it, but the Green color i don't know if it's the wire that should be connected to Gray) check your power supply if it has the circuit diagram on how to turn on manually.. BE CAREFUL....


I changed the Power Supply Unit eventually which solved my problem. Was quite a relief to know that my mobo hadn't gone bad. Thanks for all the help.

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