Ok I have a KDS 19" Xtreme flat display monitor.. For some reason it has stopped displaying red.. Greens & Blues still display.. I've switched it to a second computer and it does the same thing. The monitor from the second PC works properly on first PC.. This tells me there is a problem with that specific monitor.

Any clues on how this can be fixed or if it is cost effective to fix?

Thank you

Generally it's not worth it to replace the tube in a CRT monitor. (That's like replacing a tv tube). Perhaps there is a setting on your monitor to make reds more vibrant, or did you check that already?

So far I've tried Degaussing (via monitor's OSD) and checked color settings on the monitor's OSD.. The odd thing is.. when I bring up the OSD there is an icon for the color setting which shows 3 stripes red blue and green (of course) Well on that icon, the red stripe shows up normally.

I've tried adjusting the red value but it basically shows up blackish.

Ok I have a KDS 19" Xtreme flat display monitor.. For some reason it has stopped displaying red... any clues on how this can be fixed or if it is cost effective to fix?

Commonly, this class of monitors has a problem with a bad plug pin or solder connections at video connectors -- this is one possibility, especially since the self-test works OK. One way to check for this is to look at the plug to see if there's a bent pin, which can be straightened with a small pair of hemostats (avoid crimping). To check for bad solder, plug the monitor into a computer, turn it on, then slap the side of the cabinet, hard. If the red flashes or comes back on, solder or a loose internal connector is the problem. If you have a friend that knows how to solder have him help you, or show you how -- it's not difficult.

i have a problem with my monitor flickering from desktop to all black and then back to desktop everytime a new item appears in the system tray as the computer is loading a new user. why is this happening, it just stated doing it recently. is my monitor going bad. changing the refresh rate does not help jeff n.

when i turn on my system the monitor gives nothing but pale screen........ can any one help me out

hai i use svga color display monitor for past 3year from yesterday suddenly the display of monitor ios displaying mutliple color not the exact color like normal display
please suggest me what could be the problem , other then this every thing is working properly

Hello ,
I purchased ASUS G73JH-A1 laptop 2 weeks ago and last night i had a monitor problem suddenly the screen divided into 2 parts ;the left side was white with vertical black moving lines and the right side has the rainbow effect colors as in this link :
Please help identifying what causes this problem so I can fix it or replase the faulty part
Thanking you in advance and hoping to fix this problem soon

recently had a problem with my pc monitor.. the screen is flickering and also the size of the screen gets shrinked. in order to see if there's something wrong with the monitor , i even attached it to my laptop and the problem still persisted.
so does it mean that it's time to change the monitor or the tube??

I have BENQ monitor 17 inch TFT model FP 71 G. Initially it doesn't get started .after many times pressing ON/OFF SWITCH it gets on and then work properly.please advise the problem and probable solution. Thanks.

My monitor when turning it on flashes white screen and from there flashes wide lines of green red and blue then back to white screen what does this mean my email is [snip] .

who can tell me what is mean by "the problem about display (monitor and card)"?

Compaq mv7540e 17" CRT monitor: control function notworking , brightness increase it self, some time it works ok it self for some time , what should be the reason????