I am running win98SE (fully updated) and often have the problem of retaining my desktop resolution (1600X1200x32) when certain games crash. Upon reboot, windows plays stupid and actually thinks I want a 320X240X16 display, or whatever the last video mode was. I realize I am using a far-outdated OS, but if anyone came up with a fix, or has a script to automatically change to the preferred resolution on startup (1600x1200x32) that I can run through autoexec.bat, I'd be delighted to see it. I just don't have the hardware to run XP yet on this MB, or I'd be running it.

Secondary, on occasion after just letting my computer sit for a few hours unattended, I occasionally get a blank white window with only a "close" radio button, as if something crashed, but I cannot gain any information on it no matter what I do (I suspect a rundll error/explorer crash simultaneously), and it is not a virus (not counting win98SE itself). Any ideas on this? Any reason why any app would crash if left unattended (besides win98SE determining that a crash position is the ideal operating condition)?

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

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Your res. setting is high, would you get the same result with a lower setting?
Check your CPU cooling fins for contamination, dust, etc.
Hardware setting are in the registry and it is "SUPPOSED" to keep them the same on each boot as read at boot time.

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