I have a Toshiba Satellite M35X. I hear a loud humming sound whenever i turn ON the PC and also when the laptop gets very busy. At normal processor speed the fans noise is very low. Is it due to the dirt in the fan or a malfunctioning fan? How many fans are there in this type of laptop. If incase i have to replace the fan, how do i know which one to replace (if there is more than one fan)?

Since the loud sound started occuring very recently, would cleaning extend its life or is it imperative that i get a new one?


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its almost impossible to replace a laptop fan yourself and dismantling a laptop is very hard (well, not as hard as getting it all back together again!)

i got a thinkpad. It does the same thing


Proper air circulation is important with a laptop, and a little dust or pet fur can cause the fan to work harder. You can try either blowing it out with canned air, or vacuuming it out.


yeah i use to get this
plausibly all it takes is a vaccum cleaner or can of compressed air or shove a pipe cleaner between the fan blades
good luck


pipe cleaner is a bad idea as if he shoves it into the PSU he could electrocute himself

oh oops- i didn't realise he was talking about the psu fan :lol:


i dont hink he is but on some laptops the psu fan is also the intake for the cpu fan i was just warning him incase :)

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