I know you have probably answered this question a thousand times however I have read a thousand replies and not sure if I still know what to do.

I bought my son another hard drive Seagate 320 gig to be a slave to his his comp of a mere 80 gig samsung. ( he has loads of stuff he doesnt want to reinstall on this one . )

He says the jumpers are right for master/ slave and the bios picks it us as well as hardware list and says that it is working properly , however it does not pick it up as an icon in my computer so that he can actually use it.

Please help as he only has a few gig left on the smaller drive .
Thankyou in advance

type or copy paste , this into run, %SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc /s

go to disk management ,if its there highlite it and right click on the icon and format the drive maybe

Thank you for replying -- in disk management right click there is no format option to select??


Hi again
Through your directions for formatting we finally worked it out and partitioned the drive first and now it works like a charm
thanks so so much from both my son and I

your welcome

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