I just got a computer tonight. It was one that my friend gave me. It was running before she removed a hard drive, and she said that there are two hard drives in it now. I'm completely lost. I need complete help. I made sure that everything that was inside the computer was connected and when I cut the computer on it made a loud continuous beep. I don't know what to do, or where to even begin. I'm pretty much a newbie about this and have no clue what I'm doing right now. Someone wanna help out?

Well the first step is for you to tell us what make and model your computer is. If it is a custom build it would help to know what the motherboard is.

Ask you friend if the hard drive that is in there has a operating system on it.

The beep that you are hearing when you power it up is indicative of a problem, perhaps the motherboard, that's where your information will help.

can you give me help on what on the motherboard you need to know? b/c i seriously have no clue what i'm doing and my friend said that she doesn't know either. it was given to her by her mom's friend or something and it's pretty much impossible to get imformation from her.

You need to find out if the hard drive has a windows operating system, if not then you will need one. Is this computer a Dell, Compaq, Gateway? Is it a desktop, laptop? You need to give us something to work with here. Does it have any thing printed on the front????