I am using Z611 for past one year. All of a sudden this week printer has started a problem of printing only blank pages. I re-installed the printer with no luck. Any suggestions as what could go wrong?


is the ink run out? :)

I wish that was the case. Both the cartriges have enough ink in it.

maybe there clogged. try clearing the print heads (do it from the lexmark utility) - this will waste about 20% of a cartridge in the process though.

is it something I need to download from lexmark and run on my computer?

no it should already be on - have a look in the thing where you choose the print quality etc....


I will try that and post the result.


that did not work. any other suggestions....

one more quick update - in my add remove program - on Z600 software it shows a red circle with cross in it. does it mean anything?

thats wierd...

Yes that's weird. I uninstalled and re-installed this on my computer and still it seems like that symbol is showing as if that software in not valid or something like that....
Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before?


is this vista or xp?

i believe that symbol means a driver/software that is not compatible

I have XP on my machine. I installed the driver/software using the CD came with printer so it must be compatible. Infact it did worked before.
Even if I re-install it fresh, it shows as if it is not valid.

wierd. is your xp by any chance the 64 bit edition?

Nope, it is 32 bit.
When I install this software, it does not give any error but when I check in add/remove programs it shows as red circle and line across as if it is invalid.

nope, it is 32 bit.

wierd. Try and get the neest drivers off of thier site and see if it dos the same thing

Yest I tried with fresh copy of drivers from Lexmark website and it is still giving same problem. I am thinkning may be XP is messing up something or it could be norton on my machine.

Any news here? i have the same problem here?

but i'm using new 27 cartridge.

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Install the printer on another computer and you will know if the problem is the printer itself or your copy of Windows on the original computer.

check connection cable,print a test page is it blank too,connect it to another pc with its own cable adn with another one......if nothig works try to search a driver from wind update......try connect it to another port

I have a Lexmark Prospect Pro205, It used to work perfectly up until one day when I printed a page it was blank.

I then got a brand new Printer head and a new set of cartridges(Yes I have removed the seal) but still whenever I print not even a dot of ink on the page????????

How can I fix this????????? The printer has never been dropped or misused.


Please help

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