So I just installed a computer game on my PC about a week ago. I go to play a game I already have installed and I find out that my DVD/R and CD/RW drives are not being recognized by my PC. I have been looking all over the place for the drivers to these but I just can't find them. Anyone know why this happened or a way to find my drivers? Thanks.

The first thing to do is enter bios setup and see to it all your ide devices such as hard disks and especially your cdroms are being recognized by the bios. If not, check the ide cables and power connection of the corresponding devices.

Yeah my BIOS recognizes both drives. When I go to Device Manager it recognizes both of them but it just has an exclamation point on the device . And the message says the driver might be corrupted or missing. Is there a way to get the new driver? I have went to many driver websites and haven't found anything for my DVD/R Sony CRX320EE drive. Thanks.

I got this before but I could not recall anymore.

Download the attached file to your computer and unzip it.

Just double click the vbs file and it will run. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Remember, reboot your computer...

Well that made my two drives show up in My Computer. But it looks like I have narrowed down the problem to DVD-ROMs. The game I have been testing with is F.E.A.R, and its the DVDROM of the game. Well just to test I put in a CDROM of two different games, and then put a DVD movie in that had DVDROM features. Well turns out the two DVDs didn't work. It hasn't always been like that though. I installed F.E.A.R on the computer back a few months ago. Any explanation for that?

Thanks a ton for the help so far. Might I ask what the VB Script file does? What went wrong in the first place to make my drives not show up? I just like to know so it's no like a no reason thing.

Okay, try to test your dvds in different computers. See to it the dvds are clear from any stratches or whatever. To make it sure, run another dvds in your current drives.

If you found the another dvds not also functioning in your drives, well, that's another problem.

Run your system in safe mode. In Device Manager, delete all items that pertain to your cd/dvd rom drives. It is under CD/DVD RAM. Then restart your computer.

Your drives did not show up in My Computer because of a conflict in the registry. Your some files or shared files might have been corrupted especially when uninstalling or removing programs or softwares.
Vb script repairs the system registry conflict but it is only intended for cd/dvd drives problem like yours.

See the above post. Thanks

Well the problem is this. The DVDs run fine in my DVD-RAM drive. But they don't run in my DVD/CD-RW Sony drive. But like I said, it hasn't always been that way. Is the Sony drive faulty now?

I am thinking maybe it is not totally lost, because when I put a DVD in the Sony drive it at leasts knows there is a disc, it just doesn't show any files when I Explore the drive in Windows Explorer.

Maybe but I am not 100% sure that your Sony drive is not functioning. Why don't you try to replace your DVD Rom with Sony drive? So that you can test its effectiveness and determine if it is already dying. Don't forget to set your master/slave jumper configuration. Sometimes cleaning of lens is helpul, try to clean it.