Hi there i a great headache about the message i got from this Laptop
Toshiba satellite 1805 - S203 the story starts here

one day i saw my battery charge was going down so i plugged it to the electrical cable then it shutdown, :?: ; then i turn it on again but it show the following message Bios(Block3)is Damaged! (Call your service man.)
Service man: Place maintenance disk in drive and press any key when ready

then i imagine that it was asking for the bios then i went to the toshiba page to download lastest bios i made my bios disk and introduce it in it show that updated successfully but when it boot up again same message i try to reflash firmware same thing i search the web but no solution yet i removed the battery 1 month and reflashed some one told me that the bios i have from toshiba is not full bios its just an update that i have to get a complete bios it just show the same message over and over again and it doesnt boot OS
also i tried pressing F12 to do it different way
and also the 2nd message i only see its
Ready for bios update. Place the bios update diskette in the drive and press any key when ready to proceed

does someone know what should i do?

im thinking to use linuxBios but i dont think it can flash it...:sad:

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thanks but i already try with all bios update from the first release to this one :(

If you tried the one i sent you too alrady and it said the same then your CMOS chip is bad.who ever told you that the updates aren't full flashes doesn't know what they are talking about.the updated flashes are full with the updaes added.The Bios software (firmware) is flashed into a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip on the motherboard.if your chip is bad most of them are soldered onto the motherboard if not you could find one and replace it.but for the price and trouble locating a motherboard would be better.

hi, is anyone resolved ? Please post.

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