Hi, I am new to this forum. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but it sounds like you guys are hard core techs and I figured someone here would know how to fix my problem.:icon_lol:

Somehow, my hard drive name changed to the name of an mp3 I connected over a year ago for my grandson to download songs. It shows up in several places with the name Samsung SP1230N.

Does anyone know how I can change it back?

Thanks for your help.



Start windows explorer, assuming it is your C drive you wish to change, then right click on c drive and you will find name in dialog box.

However, if you have any directories shared, I'm not sure if they will be affected, of any thing else will be affected if you change drive name.

It has the correct name in Windows Explorer (Hard Drive C:). But in device manager and everywhere else, the other name appears. Even when I run Belarc Advisor, it shows the Samsung name for the hard drive.


Hi Gail,

I have done a search on Google for Samsung SP1230N and it is a make and model of hard drive. So it sounds as if the name is correct. So don't worry, nothing to change.


Hi Dennis,

Thank you so much for replying. This is so strange. It did not have that name previously. I somehow connected it to my grandson's old mp3 player. And why would a Samsung hard drive be part of a Compaq Presario system? Oh well, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.



Compaq don't make hard drives, but Samsung do, along with various other companies, hence you find their name in device manager.

Hope this makes it clear.

Welcome to the Microsoft Idea of Individuality for PC's. The Operation system allows you to name your C drive. This is a very normal thing that has been around since Windows 3.11 I think.

If you right click on the C drive and choose Rename. Restart you'll see that it changes.
No worries to change it to speficiations. The motherboard still knows what type of Hard Drive you have.

Hope that helps.

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