This is my first time posting and I really hope you guys can help.

I recently built myself a new pc after my old caught fire (long story). I put the best of everything in as I had saved a bit of money.
It all works fine and great but is a real pain in the ass to start up.

When I press the power button everything reacts with a nice beep and then it starts working like its gonna start up fine, cpu spinning etc. But the PC does not start up. My screen is on standby but can still hear everything spinning.

After a few presses of the reset button it comes to life and everything is great. I can now restart it if need be wit no problems.

This is not a life or death problem but is very annoying. Any help would be welcome.

My specs are -
Intel Core 2 Duo QX6700
Asus Striker Extreme Mother Board
2 x Geforce 8800 GTX
2 x 2gb Corsair PC6400 RAM
Running on Windows Vista Home Premium

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Im not sure if this is the problem but u may want to make sure that all the connectors for the LCD is firmly connected to the mother board, Make sure your Grapgic card is intack. But this is weird and its a hardware problem so something is loose. Have you tryed a differnt monitor because ur monitor may have a short somewhere.
Let me know if this helps


In addition to the above post. Have you tried to start your computer with power switch cable disconnected from the motherboard? What I mean is momentarily short the two pin terminals (power switch) from the motherboard. Hope this helps...


Thanks for the tips guys. I will give it a go with another monitor. Then finger around in the inanrds.

Thanks again.

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