The most urgent problem is my pc keeps restarting when i do certian things like open setups most installations i open reset the pc before i can do anything run and reset and another thing is logging into MSN ect infact after a certain time it resets anyway
my pc keeps loosing its wireless net connection and says its connected and i can still ping...
and i am also very sad becuase my m8 wrecked the first installation of windows that was working perfectly then i had to change to this one then... i tryed installing xp agian and it came up missing files...
so i cant reinstall windows so i have to stick with this one as i cant afford another XP disk
please help i ill post and help in the visual basic section im very addicted to visual basic
my pc is windows xp sp1
256MB Ram ):
ProSavage DDR Graphics Card
2 Upper USB Ports And 2 Lower
Pentium 4..
2003 Model Of iFriend (a company that went bust cuz of crap pcs ¬.¬)
CD-RW drive changed ages ago from DVD-ROM Drive cuz it stopped reading dvds and barley read cds
Floppy drive - yeah i know OLD
And thats all i can think of request more specs if needed
so please help....
im desparate!

1. Upgrade to SP2 and get all the newest updates

2. Is the PC overheating? Clean the dust out of the inside , Open all the windows and put it in the middle of the room (for ventilation) and see if it has the same problem.

No my pc is not overheating and im about to upgrade and i think somethings messed up my anit-virus btw i fixed the wireless problem and i think i shud tell u that i send an error report to microsoft and it says problem caused by a device driver..
so im kinda stuck there i thought it might be my wireless adapter but im using the one from the cd so that cant be it...
unless its viruses and if it is im stuck cuz of the installation problem..

get all the newest graphics and motherboard drivers then

well i would but the graphics card compony went bankrupt aswell...
S3 carshed but i dont know why
and im not sure how to with the motherboard and its impossible to install SP2 cuz it resets with its installation...

soz for dbl post but
my motherboard drivers were not installed!
god knows how my piece of shit ran...
thanks ill post wot happenz

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