Computer does post with my RADEON X800xl card in it.

ASUS A7N8X deluxe
AMD Athlon 2800+

About a month ago, the day before I left on a month-long trip to Europe, I turned my computer on, and my monitor wouldn't turn on either (no signal). When I got back from Europe, I tried again and had the same problem. When i turn the computer on, I also have no motherboard beep, no monitor signal, and my usb mouse is dead.

The strange part is that I initially thought it was a problem with my video card, so i borrowed my friend's GeForce card (not sure what card exactly, maybe a 6800) to see if that was the problem. When i put his card in, my computer started up fine. At that point I thought that the problem must be my video card, so i went ahead and bought a new card (a RADEON X1650). The new card didnt post either.

Today i borrowed my roommate's old PCI Geforce fx 5200 card and my computer booted up fine.

I feel like this is now a motherboard or power supply problem(I have a 450W), although I know very little about either type of problem. It just seems so strange how it literally happened overnight. I turned it off before bed one night and it didn't turn on the next morning. GeForce cards seem to work, but Radeon ones dont.

Ive tried resetting my CMOS, swapping in different amounts of RAM, using different monitor cables, all to no avail. The computer refuses to post with my Radeon card in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The problem is not from the motherboard or power supply. Your power supply is enough to run your video card. I think it's not compatible with your system and your motherboard does not support PCIe cards. Radeon X800xl and Radeon X1650 are all PCIe cards. Go to AGP Pro/8x card.


no, they are both AGP versions of the cards. Ive been using the x800xl for 2 years now without a problem.


GeForce FX5200, pci or AGP card?

If AGP card, there is also possibility that your new ATI Radeon X1650 is not compatible with your system. Try ATI Radeon 9700 Pro.

If PCI card, the AGP slot might be loose or damaged or has some build up inside the slot. Try to clean your old video card with a pencil eraser and reseating it into slot several times and clean the slot with a brush. Try starting your computer with an old or new video card installed.

Since GeForce FX5200 works, shift to this card.

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