I have a Dell Insperion 9300 laptop with a problem i can't seem to find any info on. The laptop was purchased refubished from dell and is out of warranty. Out of no where it would not post, start-up or do anything for the matter. When you press the power button the caps lock light flashes the power as well as the hard drive light goes on while the screen remains black the fans both do not run and after five seconds it shuts down dead. i can't seem to find anyone else on the web with the same problem. i have already check the hard drive and it runs perfect in another laptop so that is not the problem. could it be the motherboard, video card?
Anyone ever seen this problem or got any ideas??

thank you in advance for any help you can offer!!!!

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Sounds like a memory problem to me.Try reseating your memory,or borrow a stick of ddr2 from someone.


Hi smithywasd and welcome to Daniweb,
I am glad that you were able to repair your machine from the post above but it was last actioned in Aug 20th, 2007.

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