I recently installed a new Double Layer Lightscribe DVD burner and am having issues with copies of DVDs I am making (let's assume they are legal DVDs).

Whenever I burn a copy they never quite work right. At various points, it varies on each burn, they stop working. I did burn one at 1x and that worked but had poor video quality at multiple points throughout the movie. I have successfully burned 4.7G DVDs without issues, audio CDs, and data CDs as well. It's just the DL DVDs that are failing.

Does this sound like a hardware problem? Or does it sound like I have bad media? So far not one disc has worked from this pack but I haven't purchased another pack yet because I'd hate to waste money on something I do not need.

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What exactly do you mean they quit working?

Do you get pixelation that increases until it just stops or does it just reach a point and stop?

What kind of media are you using?

Both. Sometimes I get pixelation but usually it just stops. The pixelation only happens when I do a slow burn (1x).

The media is Memorex DVD +R DL

Try some good media like taio yuden or verbatim, you might also try using DVD-R rather than the +r.

What software are you using to make your copies?

There is a strong possibility that we are about to encroach in to some legal difficulties if this is regarding software like DVD Shrink or DVDFab. If this is the case pm me and we can discuss this there.

There are certain legal ramifications that make it a bad practice to post queries of this nature.

I'm thinking it is the media so I will try your suggestion to use a different brand. I'll see if I can get some DVD -R to try as well. If it is the media I'll have about 20 blank DVD +R DL I won't need. :( I'll let you know how it goes.

I use Clone DVD to copy DVDs. That software is legal since it doesn't decrypt the DVDs.

Did you ever solve your problem? ;)

More or less. Using different media seemed to solve the problem. But I still am having more burn issues then before. Just random odd stuff.

Hmm.. who's the manufacturer of your burner?

..and did you convert any of the media prior to burn? What format are you using? Is it possible that the quality is bad before you even burn it? This issue seems more software related to me..

The burner is made by HP. I have had issues with CDs, DVDs, and DL DVDs. I have had issues with different pieces of software as well which leads me to believe the root cause is the burner itself.

ahhic.. If you've had problems with cds, dvds, and dl dvds, then it probably is the burner.. Have ya checked online to see if people have had problems with your specific burner? Perhaps if its still under warranty, you can call and get another one :)

I haven't looked to see if anyone else is having the same issues but I did check for newer firmware. I'll have to check to see if anyone else is having an issue when I get a chance. Fortunately burning discs is not used for mission critical stuff so it is more of an annoyance then anything else.

Ah I see. Good luck to ya then.

Thanks. I'll need it. :)

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