Alright well just today has my monitor stopped working. I was fiddling around with settings because i have two monitors hooked up to my computer and i wanted to switch their position. so i just did that, which i've done before, and then hit apply. then everything stopped working. the monitors went into standby with the computer still on and running. when i start up my computer it shows the little windows logo and everything booting up, then when it gets to the part where it actually loads my computer and my acount, the monitors shut off into standby. so then i restart in safe mode, and the monitors work fine. but i cant live my life in safe mode...i like to live on the edge. i tried stopping all my start up program through win patrol so it was practically the same thing as safe mode. but to no avail.
windows xp media center edition
two monitors
dell xps 400
6800 nvideo geforce graphics card
-i dont think any of that matters but what ever

please help, i cant live like this.

Set your screen area to 800 x 600 pixels. Or remove your display adapter in device manager and let windows detect it again and reinstall it.