Hello all,
This is my first time to daniweb but from other threads I've found everyone is extremely nice and helpful...hopefully you can help me. Basically I have a Dell Inspiron 8000 that is dead as a door nail. No lights, fans, noises, nothing. I've tried different outlets and power-cords but that is about the extent of what I can think to do. Is there any basic troubleshooting protocols out there to see what is wrong? At this point I'm not expecting a whole lot so I'm definitely willing to rip the thing apart but I have no idea what to do once I get in there. Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand.


Have you checked the power input on the motheboard and also is the power flowing in the laptop

Thank you for your reply! I should have mentioned that I'm good with computers, but I'm not very technical. How would I do both those things?

Borrow and try AC power adapter of the same type or use multitester to check the output voltage of your AC power adapter or send it to a store and test it.

Try fren's idea its a really good one also remove the battery and test whether it working also to determine if it's supplying power


This is Richard from Dell's Online Community Outreach group. I am curious about the 8000 no power issue. Try the following and report back the results.

Unplug the AC power adapter from the computer and the wall. You will notice that the light (LED) on the AC adapter brick will go out (it may have already been out). Now plug the AC adapter back into the wall. The AC adapter brick light should come back on. For the next step, try to keep your eye on that adapter light while attaching the power adapter into the computer. When you perform the steps, check if the adapter light blinks, flickers, dims, or goes out.

If the AC adapter LED light did blink, flicker, dim, or go out and the computer itself has no lights at all coming on, then motherboard most likely needs to be replaced.

Richard B
Dell Online Community Outreach